Public WiFi – the key to your hotel’s success

Each quarter we hear about the massive impact that social media is having on various businesses and entire industries. Users are growing even fonder of the Share and Like buttons and they’re not afraid to ReTweet something they enjoy or agree with. So, why are luxury hotels so slow off the mark?


According to several studies, there has not been much social media growth within the luxury hotel sector for the past 2 years and, even prior to this, the growth was not substantial enough to mention. While other industries like restaurants are riding some serious waves, luxury hotels are barely dipping their toes in the water. Social media has more than proven its worth over the past decade with sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest increasing in popularity every day. It’s high time that hotels take note of this continuing trend since it really is here to stay.

Another interesting point worth mentioning is that smaller B&Bs, guesthouses and regular (not particularly luxurious) hotels are putting social media to very good use. Not only are they making their presence known online but they are also using each platform to interact with their followers and advertise in a non-intrusive way.

Luxury hotels should automatically offer their guests free WiFi. When you consider that even a 1 star hostel offers this feature, it would be ridiculous for a 4 or 5 star establishment to deny their guests their need to stay connected while on holiday. In order to provide guests with internet access, hotels will need to install a router, so instead of installing a regular router, why not use one of our Vizz WiFi routers instead?

Our routers have the added feature of built in social which means that your guests will be encouraged to use their social media accounts to access the internet via your network, and once they have, you will have gained another follower.

On top of this, hotels can encourage their followers to engage by posting small messages and notes around their establishment with hashtags. Encourage your guests to take photos in that area, upload the photo and add the hashtag to the description. This will help you gain exposure by letting your current guests market and spread the word to their friends. This kind of advertising will not be seen as spam and it will be far better received than conventional adverts where you try to upsell a particular package or offer a discounted rate

These photos will also help potential customers gain perspective in terms of what kind of hotel you run and the features or facilities they can expect to enjoy. It’s kind of like letting them taste the wine before decanting the bottle. The visual aspect of social media is most enticing and is one of the main reasons for its success. This, along with real-time communication will make potential guests feel welcome even before they make their reservation.

You can even encourage your guests to dine in at your hotel restaurant by offering them a discount off their meal, a free bottle of wine or another incentive. You can do this directly through the Vizz WiFi portal which makes it both quick and easy.

Competitions, polls and other forms of engagement really help increase your reach. If you want word to spread and more people to find out about your hotel, then host a competition! People love freebies and giveaways and, with the help of social media, your message could quite easily go viral!

Don’t miss out on the potential of social media! When providing your guests with free WiFi, you can always get something in return!

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