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We are proud to present Pole Position! Thanks to the amazing success of our initial range of products and services, we have continued our efforts to bring you even more. By improving upon existing systems and adding new services, we are able to provide even more support and assistance.


As part of our changes, we implemented a four-step approach with each step directly fueling the next. The very first step is to get your business the exposure it needs and deserves. As anyone in the hospitality industry knows, you cannot attract customers or guests if the don’t know that you exist! By attracting more people to your business, you will have the perfect means to growing your network of contacts. Our system allows you to provide your customers with wireless internet access and, when they connect to your network, they will be prompted to enter their social media credentials. This is an easy way of getting more online followers and, consequently, data collection.

Data collection is our next focus point in the four-step process and it entails gathering important information about your target audience. A better understanding of your customers will make it that much easier to devise the best possible marketing strategy.

The third step, marketing, can be done while the customer is still on location! That’s right, you can advertise specials, deals, and promotions directly to your customers while they enjoy surfing the web thanks to your wireless connection. You can even continue marketing while they are not on premises by sending out personalised offers like birthday gift vouchers.

These three steps are great, of course, but we have realised that there is one more vital step to success and that is your reputation. Online reputation is everything these days which is why we help you build yours by directing your customers to write reviews on prominent sites like Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. These reviews add to your exposure (step 1) once again and so the process continues to work for you without constantly spending more and more on unnecessary and expensive advertising.

Pole Position is perfect for any business frequented by customers. Customers of today expect free internet access so, while you’re fulfilling this demand, you can also get something out of the deal! We have had the pleasure of assisting several businesses grow over the past year and we look forward to many more happy customers like those at the Comfort Inn, Reebok Sports Club, Plymouth Golf Center, The Pearson Room, JRS Global Buffet, Giggling Squad, The Food Factory, and many more! With the New Year well underway, now is the time to set your business up for success and give the competition a run for its money!

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